Sunday, May 07, 2006

"You Sure Look Pregnant!"

I'm in my 14th week -- started my 4th month this past week!

My Mom is visiting from the Portland, Oregon area. She flew here on Thursday afternoon after a visit with a cousin in Oklahoma.

It's been so neat to have her here during this happy time. Saturday we went shopping at Target for a pair of maternity jeans, since my very last pair of "fat pants" jeans are no longer able to be buttoned. We also found a couple of maternity shirts -- neither of which are pictured here.

But, this picture is showing my belly. It's growing enough that today as I reached up to put a DVD in the player, Mom said "You sure look pregnant!"

That's just music to a mother's ears. Both sets of our ears, I suspect.


Concetta said... look cute! Thanks for the picture!

Melissa said...

Cute Belly! I'm due in November too, (I found your site at Babes in Blogland, were my site is listed too.)

P.S. If your interested I started a Flickr group for anyone due in November 2006.


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