Saturday, May 13, 2006

Do We Have Movement?

Brian told me this morning that he was sure he felt the baby move last night.

Since it was cold and I was clinging to him for dear life, he could feel my belly up against his back, and he said he felt movement in my tummy several times, and from "all over" -- not like a pulse or something that would be constant and in one place.

Today I tried hard to find Bruiser. I put my hand firmly on my tummy where I know he/she is -- and a few times I thought I felt something. It's so hard to tell since I have no experience with this!

With the Doppler, I hear Bruiser's heartbeat, and of course my own, but lately I've heard another squelching noise -- it's brief and sounds like something moving past the Doppler wand very quickly. I've only heard in the past few days, and am starting to wonder if it's a limb passing in front of the Doppler.

It's really strange to think how big the kid is now, and how much space he/she is taking up in there.

OH -- and big news from our friends Doug & Susan...A couple of years ago they suffered a tragic loss of a baby at 36 weeks (Susan had undiagnosed thrombosis, so she almost died as well), and then another miscarriage last year. When Doug called to invite us today to their barbecue, I told him of our surprise, and lo and behold, Susan's pregnant too. We're both doing Heparin, and we're both due very close together.

She's due just 2 DAYS after me! There are few people in this world that you meet and know you want to be good friends with them because they're so fabulous, and Susan is one of those people. I'm so excited for both her and Doug.

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