Friday, May 26, 2006

16-Week Check-Up!

My uterus is even bigger than I thought I could feel. It's like 16-17 cm (right at my belly button) and Dr. said "That's right on!"

We listened to the heartbeat and I warned him "He's squirmy". Sure enough Bruiser was dancing all over the place, and the dr. said "Man, you're right!" When we caught up with him, he was right at 155 bpm, and I confirmed my suspicions that all those squelching noises are movements.

We talked a short while about the AFP test (quad screen/aka alpha feto protein), and I decided NOT to do it. Dr. said since I said I would NOT under any circumstances do an amnio, he thought that was a good decision given my age and the excellent chances of false positive results for me, which would only serve to freak me out from now til November.

Sooo, I have my Big ultrasound on June 22, and just gotta keep feeding the little spawn until then.

I've been feeling more movement, particularly when I'm sitting down quietly. It just comes in little flurries, then goes again. Overall, a good appointment.

Brian DH said as we were leaving "aside from getting a blood pressure cuff, I think we could have done all that at home."


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