Friday, May 12, 2006

Waiting For A Miracle -- Ain't That The Truth?

My sister Jill sent me this lovely gift for Mother's Day.

It's a Willow Tree figurine of a expectant mother. It's called "Cherish. Awaiting a Miracle."

I just think it's lovely.

I called her tonight and we talked a while. I asked her about the AFP test (a pre-natal blood test that is somewhat controversial) and we talked about that, and some other stuff. It's amazing how reassuring it is to talk to her. Just hearing someone tell me it's normal to worry all the way through just makes me worry less.

Yeah, she's irreplaceable. Well, she is now, anyway. When we were younger I would have sold her to the circus for a buck, or easily traded her for yet another brother.

But lucky us, that didn't happen, and I have a sister and a friend.

Thanks, Jill Bean.

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