Friday, May 12, 2006

My Two-Minute Blog

I don't have much time today. I have to leave for my bus in 3 minutes, so that gives me about 2 to type this thing out.

All I can say is Thank God It's Friday. After a long week (I still get pretty tired, so I sleep a lot, so I don't accomplish much), I am looking forward to a couple of days off where I can stay home, walk the dog, and just relax a bit. It's also supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend.

Of course, our new furniture (we bought a new couch & loveseat, FINALLY) is being delivered, so that means work getting things moved around, like getting the futon in the back bedroom and getting rid of my Trading Spaces Couch From Hell.

Fortunately though, I can't move anything heavy. Brian will have to do the work, and we'll need to get a friend over to help him tonight or tomorrow.

OK, time's up.

Here's to Friday's, new furniture, and sunny days.

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