Friday, May 19, 2006

I Think Bruiser's Knocking!

The past few days I've noticed what I thought were little flutters, little gas bubbles or something in my tummy...that I thought were the baby moving, but it's so hard to tell...

Now, today, I was sitting at work at the quiet end of the day, and RIGHT in the spot where I know Bruiser sits and where I find his heart beat, I felt two fleeting flutters, right in a row.

Now, tonight as I was laying on the couch I felt it again, and this time (since I was not at work and free to shove my hands down my pants, LOL) I put my hand over my belly and sure enough the softest little "knock knock" sort of feeling under my hands. I asked Brian to hurry over and feel it, and he said he felt it too!

I'm 15 weeks tomorrow, and God knows, I've spent the better part of this week with my hands on my belly trying to feel something.

COULD IT BE?!? I think so!

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