Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some Days You Work, Work, Work,

Some days you do all this work, and feel like you've done nothing really.

Thank God my husband decided to take over the housework today. He swept, vacuumed, did a few loads of laundry, and even cleaned the fish tank AND the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I started to deal with a couple of major organizational problems we've had. Well, three.

When we meet with the director of Lutheran Family Services on Thursday, I wanted the house to at least look organized and clean, if not arranged exactly how it will be when a kid comes to live with us.

So first came the back bedroom. It's become something of a storage area since we don't have kids, and we use the front two bedrooms more because they've got better closet space and sewing room.

But I finally got back there today and discovered it wasn't as bad as I thought. It needs some dusting and arranging, but I took a few things out that we don't use, tucked a few things in the filing cabinet, and overall it looks good. Just getting rid of a few boxes, a step stool I don't use, and putting a few things away didn't take that long, but it looks so much better!

The other huge tasks I took on were organizing pictures & paperwork.

The pictures part was a pain in the patootie (thanks, I love alliterations too).

I first had to delete some pictures that I don't want to keep, then I had to burn a bunch of CDs, then I had to go through the burned CDs from months ago that had stacked up as I went through the fun of trying to learn HOW to burn a CD. More than half had files I couldn't open or weren't complete, so they got tossed.

THEN I had to organize my CDs in some sort of order. They've been so badly organized that I wasn't sure if I had everything or nothing of certain trips.

After a drive to Office Depot to buy some more CD sleeves and a new box to put them in, I labeled all of them, put them in nice piles by year, and discovered that I must have bought my digital camera in 2002.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Much better.

And then came the fun part of cleaning out my paperwork. I got this fabulous desk of my Grandpa's and it's quickly become an "out of sight out of mind" place to put paid bills and misc. mail I don't know what to do with. Just filing the bills, organizing the piles, and putting them away just feels so much better.

Some days I feel I haven't done anything...then I sit here and write it down and it feels like a lot.

Why don't I do this more often?

I have a friend who stays constantly organized. She says she just never puts something down where it doesn't belong. I don't even know what to think about that. Is it humanly possible?

Not for me.

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Katherine said...

Would you come to my house and help me organiz? I am one of the most unorganized persons around. And I hate it. I hate not knowing where things are. But I feel absolutely overwhelmed when I try to start the process. I've started it many times...just never finished it.

Congrats on your successful day.


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