Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oh Boy, I Feel A Tangent Coming On

Ok, this is like my fourth post today. I'm not sure if I should be high-fiving myself, or apologizing to my reader, that anonymous poster who said "Hey, your blog is hard to read."

There's a little danger in the web. Namely, if I wanted to suck all sorts of hours out of my life writing code (more specifically thumbing through my HTML for Dummies book), all I have to do is go out on the Internet and start looking for ways to change it.

It really began the day someone showed me I could put my friends' links on my Blog. I found the Template, found the code there, and a little lightbulb went on, dim at first, but today I saw all 100 watts: I can really MESS WITH THIS.

So, this will be under construction for a while...I'm going to mess with colors, pictures and all sorts of fonts til you don't know what you're going to see each day.

My inner geek just said YAHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Timestep said...

Hey, the russian roulette of blogging! I can't wait to check back each day to see what arrive (btw, I didn't find it hard to read.


Miracles & Dreams said...

That is what happened to
I figured out I could play with my I

Have fun!


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