Saturday, January 21, 2006

So What Are YOU Doing Tonight?

My husband Brian has a Fantasy Football team owners' meeting tomorrow. His best friend has driven up from Pueblo (about 2 hours away), and he spends the night across town and parties with the boys the night before.

So, tonight I drove him over there so I could have the car and do some grocery shopping, etc. I also made arrangements with a friend to go watch the AFC and NFC Championship games.

I thought it was cute when Brian asked me what I was going to do tonight -- he had a tone to his voice that made it sound like I might be bored being by myself -- then he suggested I call a friend and invite her over.

No thanks.

I enjoy time alone in my house. I thought I'd sit down and blog tonight, get a glass of wine and maybe find a movie or something to watch later. I love spending time just surfing the web, gathering information about whatever I'm most recently curious about, and posting on the board I belong to with you, most of my readers.

I also have some more housework I could do, some sewing I need to work on...I'm never bored, that's for sure.

And I also have time to think about tomorrow's games...My Denver Broncos are playing the Steelers here at home, and my Seattle Seahawks (my adopted home town where I went to college and spent the first 15 years of my adulthood) are playing the Carolina Panthers. I could be in heaven or hell tomorrow -- if both my teams win, I'll be in heaven knowing that I will be happy with whomever wins the Super Bowl. If both my teams lose, I'm going to be losing my interest in football in a matter of minutes.

I even went and bought a Jake Plummer (QB for the Broncos) jersey today.

Ah, anticipation.

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