Saturday, January 28, 2006

James Frey -- The Ex Junkie Cashes In

Ya know, I haven't figured out why Oprah has her knickers in a twist over James Frey, and his "lies" in the memoir he wrote after going to rehab for God-Knows-What Drugs He Did.

I've worked with addicts at a company that does classes, counseling and drug testing for people who have been convicted of various drug charges and DUI.

Um, I figured out, that ADDICTS LIE.

And what they don't actually admit to lying about, may be a lie too.

And some of it they just can't remember.

Frankly, that poor guy, James Frey (and I only call him a poor guy, because I think he's stuck in a firestorm of media controversy that has about as much meaning and truth in it as George Bush's next "State of the Union" address). I think James Frey just wrote a book, figured it would sound better if it said "memoir" and went with it.

I mean, hasn't someone like Liz Taylor written a memoir about her seven or eight marriages and just said "they didn't work out?"

People who write "memoirs" aren't held to the same truth as a reporter following James Frey around and gathering the facts. It's a memoir -- as in MEMORY -- and that can be cloudy at best.

Sure, it would have been nice to know the guy was honest enough to tell the truth without embellishment, but who among us hasn't exaggerated a story here or there?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Oprah, please move on, and hope this Frey guy doesn't turn back to drugs again after all this brouhaha that means absolutely nothing.


Mystery Date said...
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Anonymous said...

I find the new format difficult to read....just an opinon!

Jules said...

You know, so do I. Thanks for the feedback. Now I know it's not just MY eyes, so I'll change it soon.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the Frey thing. I STILL want to read the book. I mean, I'm sure I haven't done even a fraction of the drugs he said he did and do I remember every little detail of my life?? Did he know he was going to 'need the facts' for his book when he was doing the drugs. Oy ve people. It's a book for crying out loud not a deposition. I like Oprah too, but she's being a whiner IMO.

Lauren said...

I'm kind of torn on this one. On the one hand, the lies the guy told weren't what I'd call exaggerations -- he said he spent 80-some days in prison and was subjected to all sorts of indignities -- in actuality, he spent most of his time in police custody sitting at a desk completing paperwork and about an hour in lock-up... a matter of HOURS, not days or months.

He also lied about the treatment program he went through -- painting the facility in an extremely unfavorable light and making wild accusations that simply are not true in the least. These are just two examples.

Still, I purchased the book myself to see what all of the hubub was about... and I agree, most addicts are proficient liars (as we've both experienced first-hand).

I think Oprah was embarrassed because of her own personal indignation at the 'treatment' he supposedly received at the hands of the rehab facility and at the hands of the police... and because of her impassioned support of this man's journey out of addiction.

I felt sorry for him the day he was on her show -- I only caught the last part of it, but she was whipping him like a dog. It is, afterall, only a book. see how conflicted I am? I think I've contradicted myself several times! LOL

Kristen said...

I completely agree's a great book...


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