Monday, November 09, 2009

Nora's Coup -- The Zoo

Miss Nora has gotten to the zoo (and a few other places) quite a bit this week, in large part because I have a major exam in Anatomy & Physiology every TWO weeks this quarter, and Brian has a big test for a licensing thing for work in about 6 weeks.

That translated into a lot of "Mommy Time" or "Daddy Time" on the weekends, so Brian would take her for the better part of the day, then I'd take her.

With a zoo pass and some breaks in the weather the last couple of weekends, that meant at least one trip per parent to the zoo!

It's cute to watch Nora see the elephants and make their noises. She says "BEAR" now for a bear. And can say a host of other words to go with animals and other things she sees.

We're still working on "please"...

The weather has been iffy because well, this is Oregon. But on the rainy days even if we go to the zoo, it's a great day because it's fairly empty AND different animals are out that might not usually be.

This picture is one of the Hat of Many Colors Bestema made her...

And Miss Nora loves to dance, so the drums at the Africa / Predator Ridge exhibit are just the ticket to get the girl moving!

What's really funny is this is Nora's "CHANGE MY DIAPER PLEASE!" stance. She'll lay down in the middle of anywhere, including pavement.

This is a cute one of her playing with her "baby". She feeds it, and rolls it around. It would have been even better if the baby weren't so huge, but I didn't see the size of the stroller/crib/stuff set Aunt Kathy bought, and instead got a bigger doll who you think is going to break its legs getting in and out of there.

I have been scrapbooking Nora's life a bit, and she LOVES here Baby book. All family members are in there, and she loves naming them. She says "Dette!" for Odette...

And when I showed her the page with Joel on it, I said "that's Joel." and Nora said "JOEL! HI JOEL!"

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