Monday, November 02, 2009

Cute Picture(s) of the Day

Brian took Nora to the zoo yesterday so I could get more studying done. They made a run for the lions, who at the early hour they arrived at the zoo, were up against the glass so close that that half inch plexiglass suddenly just doesn't look like enough of a barrier.
I've taken a few cute pictures of Nora on her lion cub -- it's at the entrance of the Portland zoo's new Predator Ridge that houses their new lion pride, cheetah exhibit, and wild African dogs, among MANY other animals.

So this one is just too cute not to post too. She loves the little lion cubs and runs up and says "hi" to them. Sometimes she says "hi baby!"

The last couple of times I've taken Nora to the zoo alone, I've ridden the train with her. She rides free, and it's only $3 for me, so we get to ride the loop while she says "choo choo!" most of the time and we get a chance to have her contained and we still see a few animals.

Well when I was on the train with her, I knew where it would cross one of the paths for people, so I'd say "Nora, wave! Hi People!" She never did it with me.

So this time with Daddy, he decides to take her on the train, and without any prodding from him, she waves at the crossing and Nora says "Hi People!"

It just amazes me how things go in that little head and are stored for later...

She's VERY interested in letters now too. She went to the library with Daddy this weekend too (I am STILL studying....) and got a new alphabet book. She's pretty obsessed about the alphabet right now and can say A, B, and O and a few other letters pretty consistently. I even got her to say "C" for C and she pointed at an M and said "M" twice now too.

It is amazing what that little brain is picking up!

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