Monday, November 02, 2009


This picture is of Nora's very first hit on her very first Trick-or-Treating expedition.

Several neighbors asked if she'd be out Saturday night. I guess the figure what we all do -- and that the littlest Trick or Treaters are just some of the most fun.

We couldn't get the kid into the bee costume to save our lives this year...

But Aunt Judy sent over a few things for Nora that Hannah used to wear, and the t-shirt gave me an idea when Hannah said she was going as a nerd.

The t-shirt was one that I gave Hannah when she was little, and it says "Cute, Cute Cute, But Nobody Says Anything About My BRAINS."

So along with some plaid shorts, socks under sandals and a very poorly coordinated outfit, we sent Nora out as Hannah's shadow this year for Halloween!
It didn't take long for Nora to "get" the concept of door-knocking in exchange for candy. She thought she was going over to people's houses at first though, and made it into the living room of a total stranger's house down the street, and everyone laughed and she looked around like "WHAT? What'd I do?"

The best part of Halloween was that Nora got her OWN PERSONAL "Wump" -- Nora as you know loves ANYTHING in a large furry costume, so when Hannah's best friend Ana showed up with her boyfriend and Mom, dressed in this original idea of a "Wump" -- Well, Nora just thought that was pretty cool.

I wish the "Hugging the Wump" picture was clearer, but this will have to do...She just loved it though!

We made it all the way around the block pretty much...By the time we got home it was just dark enough the other kids were out and we got to answer the door a few times. It was pretty fun!

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