Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Feel Like The Worst Blogger Ever

But that will pass, SOON. I promise!

Nora, Brian and I all drove up to my sister's for the week as Brian works and Nora and I hang out. Mom came with us and between her and the Branhams, Nora's had lots of company! She said "Hi Non" to John as he came in the door today. She sure loves her uncle John!

Then when Brian came home from work tonight, he asked her who she saw today and she said "Non" and "Eh-eck" for "Erik".

Nora and I went to see a friend in Auburn today too -- Cindy and I went to high school together, and her youngest is Nora's age, so we had a good time watching the Mine-fest as they played with trains together (they actually did quite well, with only a couple of outbursts) and her oldest wanted to play with ME as much as she could squeeze between Cindy's and my conversations! She was so sweet.

My final in one class is next week, my other final the week after that, so I've gotten some studying done this week too.

Nora's doing great -- talking more and more -- and when Brian walked in tonight she said "Daddy's Home!" which is really her first full intentional sentence that I can think of.

I had a cold, which turned into a secondary sinus infection with a barky cough I thought would shake the house loose. I had to pony up a few bucks to see a doctor here in my sister's neighborhood and get some drugs, and I'm doing better now.

I also went to a seminar this past week on the nursing school program at one of the schools I'm applying to. I'm very excited about getting my application filled out during Christmas Break. Amazing to think I'm less than a year away from nursing school!

What else have we had? A leaky roof that I fixed alone since Brian was out of town, he's working a lot, and Nora's growing like a weed. Still. She's obsessed with Monsters Inc. (thinks the big blue Sully character is a dinosaur so she calls him "Dino", and says "BUTH!" for Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. I wish they made a plush doll of Buzz, but I haven't found one!

That's about it from here for now! In December I'll try and post more since we'll have more time!

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