Friday, November 13, 2009

Monster Moppet

Nora's pediatrician saw her today for her 2 year appointment.

Dr. A. is a seasoned pediatrician, so I like his wisdom and his "don't panic" attitude towards most things.

But today he was a little surprised when he came in and said "She's grown 3 inches in 6 months. Again."

She's still off the charts!

Nora, unfortunately, wasn't very impressed.

She isn't a fan of being naked, or other people being without their clothes either. She frequently points that out to me as I'm getting dressed in the morning, and says "Uh oh, Mommy" when she points at my legs before I've gotten a chance to get my jeans on.

Brian went with us this time -- he hasn't had the opportunity to come for many appointments, so we got to go together this time. I figured if nothing else, I could point to Brian, towering over our 5'8" pediatrician and say "THIS is why she's off the charts, as you can see..."

But he read stories to her (while I took pictures, obviously!) and helped hold her while she got her shot and helped divert her attention to the wise choice we made to bring a few M&M's along for afterwards...

And she got over the whole thing rather quickly.

The good news is too, our medical center had some H1N1 shots and mists available, so Nora got to get a dose before we left for free. It's the mist too, so it's not a live virus, and doesn't have the small amount of mercury I just DON'T want to expose her to, so we took care of that too.

So our nearly 2 year, 2 month old daughter is 38 inches tall, 28 pounds, and the only healthy kid our doctor got to see today!

After hearing that, I had her wash hands on the way out!


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