Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yes, Sometimes Chasing Nora Is Like Trying to Harness The Wind

I've heard a few people whisper or outright say "Payback" when they refer to Nora and her CONSTANT motion these days.

Mostly my Mom, of course, who thinks it's a hoot and a half to watch me chase Nora around.

The poor photographer who took this picture was overwhelmed with Nora's lack of, ahem -- participation -- in the photographic process.

As they say in the photographic business, "two is the worst".

But really? It's the BEST.

Yes, every day with Miss Nora is a challenge to make sure she gets to the end of it without the need to slap on a Band-Aid or worse, see a doc for stitches (((KNOCK ON WOOD))).

But seriously, we feel lucky to have this girl, who required not one but TWO photographers to get her attention and hold it long enough to snap a very few photos to choose from for our 2-year-old pictures.

In the end, we got a couple of good poses to choose from -- including this last one, where Brian noted that her right thumb is clearly WHITE because she's clenching the floor and preparing to leap back into action!

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