Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Nora and I spent the last week in Sacramento, visiting my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Richard (Kathy is my Mom's younger sister).

We had LOTS of fun, with a trip to a train museum (Nora's obsessed with choo-choo's, most of all Thomas & Friends), and time to meet her second cousins, known as "the tribe".

Nora was a CHAMP at traveling. She really did great in the car. We split up the drive over two days coming and going, with stops in Northern California on the way down and Southern Oregon on the way back, with a short drive the second day. Fortunately, we came back the same day that Brian came home from a long week on Steens Mountain in Southeastern Nowhere Oregon.

Nora was THRILLED to see her daddy, as you can imagine.
She flew through the house when I said he was home, and was elated to see her papa.

It's good to have everyone together again! I'll post some more pictures in the next few days. Saturday is Nora's 2nd birthday party (a little late, due to wanting to get everyone in the same place that we could), and we're going to have a good crowd for that!

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