Sunday, September 20, 2009


Nora and I have headed to Sacramento with Bestema for this week!

We're visiting Aunt Kathy and Uncle Richard mostly, but also took a side trip on Saturday to see Aunt Sarah, Uncle Peter and cousin Odette in Berkeley and a trip to the Oakland Zoo!
We've had a ton of fun, and the Oakland Zoo was fantastic, once I GOT there...I drove through a bad part of Oakland (got off to a wrong freeway, then tried to get back), and my Uncle Richard said "Well, the bad part of Oakland is most of it." Too true, I suspect.

But the ZOO was fun! And afterwards we went to Peter, Sarah & Odette's, saw their apartment and hung out in the Cal Berkeley neighborhood, where I even got some Brazilian food!

We'll be back next week in time for Nora's birthday party on Saturday!

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