Thursday, September 03, 2009


I know several of you have probably seen these pictures on Facebook, but I have to blog them too -- Facebook, after all, will never be Nora's "scrap book" in the same way that this blog will be.

But after so many days without blogging, I figured I had better blog a bunch of stuff at once before we start our September travels, and I wanted to make sure to get in our recent photo shoot at Bush's Pasture Park and Deep Wood Estate.
My friend Priscilla from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) takes photos, including these semi-professional ones taken in the park, with a donation to the local MOPS group she's started for Teens.
We weren't able to get the best shot with Nora looking at the camera and in perfect focus, so we rounded out the donation Oma made to Nora's pictures for her second birthday with a studio sitting as well, but all in all, we spent the same money and ended up with some really great family photos in a more natural setting, along with a few cute studio shots.
The neat thing about it to me was getting Nora out into a more natural setting, where she just learned how to "smell" flowers (she exhales on them instead of inhaling, but hey...she's not two yet!) and run around and be her cute self.
Somewhere in this bunch we scored a neat picture of her with Bestema too, who came along and quickly earned the title of "sherpa" as she helped us carry the various pieces of things so we could be hands-free and in the picture.
This last picture is my favorite, since it's of all three of us. While Nora could have been smiling, I am just happy to see her looking somewhere near the camera and even if she isn't grinning ear to ear, it's a good picture of all of us, including her in a more serious pose!

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