Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I'm Thankful For

I'll have to add to the list but just five things off the top of my head tonight, as Thanksgiving gets underway in the next five minutes.

1) My daughter Nora, born just two months ago, and the light of our lives

2) My husband Brian. Ever patient, ever faithful. The best friend and man a girl could hope for.

3) My family. To be close to them, even THIS close, is a wonderful thing.

4) My friends. You're spread out all over the place, but you know who you are and I love you all.

5) Living in a place where 32 people are coming to dinner, from the pastor from church to the courtesy clerk/bagger from the grocery store, all are welcome. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by loving folks who have prayed for us and know our story, and are celebrating with us.

On a side note, Thanksgiving has been tough for me these past 5 years. The first one to be tough was in 2002, the first due date for the first baby I lost. It's never been the same since, and I don't think it ever will be. Having a baby doesn't just "make it all ok". It helps heal, but it does still smart when I think of all we've been through to get here.

Prayers and positive thoughts to those who are struggling with infertility and loss, whether they have earthly families or not.

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Teri said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my "other family". Love you all and thinking of you.


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