Friday, November 09, 2007

A Stack of Recent Pictures

Oooh, it's time to buy a Christmas hat! Shopping with friend Alison and Aria at Carter's Outlet and The Baby Gap was a potentially expensive proposition! But we got out ok, and with this stylin' hat.

Can you see me paying attention? It's what I do these days. Nora and Bestema spend time together every day while Mommy does some housework so that Bestema doesn't have to. Bestema gets to hold Nora, Nora loves being held, and Mommy gets a few minutes to herself for a shower and catchup with laundry and stuff. Everybody wins!

Nora has recently discovered the Binkie. The Chupeta. The Plug. No matter what you call it, it's a wonderful thing when Mommy's getting the bottle ready but it isn't warm enough yet!

I'm just showing off how big I am here. This is me all full from breakfast and fighting off sleep. Mommy keeps bugging me to open my eyes though. Oh, OK. I open my eyes, you take the picture, then you leave me alone? Done.

What can I say? I still love sleeping in the basket. I suppose someone somewhere might say it's not quite the safest thing, but I can't roll in it, and Mommy puts it IN the crib so she can pretend that I'm sleeping where I'm supposed to.

It may be a tad blurry, but this is us this morning during our first feeding after the sun came up. We're working on bigger bottles further apart so Mommy can sleep a little longer at night. The miracle is, it seems to be working!


Jenny said...

Thank you Jules.

She is so beautiful... and getting so big.

tims_mom said...

She sure is beautiful, and I think she looks alot like her mommy! Have you compared any of Brian and your baby pictures, with her yet?



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