Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Give Her Anything With Ears...

As you can imagine, 5 weeks of bedrest did nothing for my figure, so it was time to get out and get moving. So,Nora and I went for a walk yesterday before the weather got colder today...she got into her little pink suit with the little pink ears, and off we went.

I wasn't halfway down the driveway before she was already relaxed and sleepy. By the time I reached the mailbox a quarter mile or so down the road, she was OUT.

There is something so cute about hats and hoodies with ears on them. I can't resist them to save my life.

When I was out before Halloween, I bought her a Winnie The Pooh Hat with ears even when she already had a pumpkin hat.

When I was at Carter's with Alison last week and we looked at winter hats, sure enough there was one there that I couldn't resist at least wanting. Even if I didn't buy it, ahem, someone else couldn't resist it either so she bought it for Nora.

This time when you can dress them how you please and they don't just throw off what you dress them in is so very short.

So what do I do?

Dress her in stuff with ears on it...well, except poodle ears.


Sheri said...

Enjoy dressing her in what you like while you can. My 9 yr old daughter will not wear anything with a bow, button, lace, flower, polka dot or stripe. It makes it very difficult to find things for her. She even hates zippers unless its on a jacket. grrrrrr

Nora is so adorable!!

Tammy said...

I am so enjoying all the pictures Jules! THanks for posting them here. I don't make it to the boards as much as I used to and this helps me keep up with you.\

You are having a good time aren't you? I just get all goosebumpy thinking of you being a Momma and Nora being your girl. Love all the ears!!! I had this thing for Bug and hats too, and now she has a whole box full that she wears all the time. Working on Si now... he likes them not so much!

Teri said...

There we go with the poodle ears again. Sigh.


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