Monday, November 05, 2007

She Smiles

Last night Nora SMILED at me. Not just once, but several times!

We keep the light on in the room with the dimmer switched way down low so we can see enough to change diapers, but what's really funny is that middle-of-the-night wakefulness she sometimes gets.

I've gone to sleep with her at my side, often facing me, and I'll close my eyes briefly, then open them again to see this tiny little face with the dark eyes staring back at me.

Last night, I smiled at her as I usually do, and said "I love you Nora", when she just smiled right back!

I did it again later, and there again was the smile.


I still wasn't sure for sure that I saw what I did (middle of the night and all that, I could have been dreaming it), so later during her next diaper change/feeding, I turned the light up a bit, and sure enough, there she was, smiling back at me!

Of course I haven't been able to get her to do it in the light of day when I could take her picture, but I know what I saw!


Kelly said...

Oh, Julie, she definitely looks like she's smiling in that picture! I just read the title of your blog post and immediately turned the computer towards Geoff and said "Nora's smiling!!" and he and I both just got really excited... that is awesome!

ShielaLee said...

What a doll - how fun to get to share all of these special moments with you guys! Congrats!

Teri said...

She does look like she's smiling in the picture. What fun! They learn so very fast!


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