Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Jill!

It was my sister Jill's birthday today. She's still older than me, and of course no matter old I get, I still have to remind her of it. And of course I also still stick my tongue out at her in church. Because, well, that's just the classy gal that I am.

With all due seriousness though...Jill has been a fantastic sister and friend to me (and Brian too) this past year or so. She was there for us during Jacob's birth and loss, and would have shared a birthday (or close to it) since Jacob's due date was today, the same day as Jill's birthday.

When I was in the hospital with Nora, Jill drove down every weekend to see us, and even drove down on Nora's birthday in the middle of the night to be there for her birth.

Thank you Jill. I love you!

Jill and her family came down this weekend to celebrate her birthday, and I suspect, to spend some time with Nora. How neat it is to be near family so my girl can know her aunts, uncles and cousins!

It's been a neat weekend, and it's not quite over because tomorrow we drive to Portland to hang out a bit with Jill.

Happy birthday big sister!
Nora has spent a good chunk of this weekend in her favorite chair -- Uncle John Chair. He's cuddly, comforting, and super-nice to her. She had no reason to do anything except sleep on him when she felt the need, or just sit there and look cute. I think you can make out a bit of a smile here. She's doing it all the time and for anyone who's nearly as fun as Uncle John.

Cousin Erik learned that Nora will eat and cuddle with him too. She's happy to spend all the time in the world nuzzling and otherwise being held.
Cousin John II was just amazed by Nora's baby blues. He wasn't sure how he'd do feeding or handling her, but within minutes he proved to himself and others that he has the touch. Nora loves hanging out with John!

Aunt Judy. We call her Bouncy Chair. Aunt Judy's habit of moving her legs all the time in that bouncy fashion has become invaluable, because Nora likes to move.

From the "I'll sleep anywhere" files. My kid has found ways to nestle, then sliiiiiiiiiiide down the laps of anyone sitting at any angle. Here she is on Bestema's lap. And as long as you don't need to get up to get yourself anything or go to the restroom -- it's not a problem.


Sheri said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful sister! I love the pictures and Nora is just precious. Isn't it amazing?

One question..... in that picture with Aunt Judy and her bouncy legs.... how freakin' big is that cat on the back of the couch?!!?!! Holy smokes - he/she is a brute! lol

tims_mom said...

Great pictures! It warms my heart to see Nora and your family. Such a blessing!

Teri said...

She's soooo cute. I wanna schedule a cuddle time too!


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