Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Continued Adventures of The Green Torpedo

I just fired up my green Subaru Outback, aka The Green Torpedo, to take it to the fabric store. Now that I know I'll only be off for a couple more weeks, I thought I'd go get the materials I needed to make some pillows for my couch.

Well, most of the way there, my car acted like it was going to die. The radio went out, some dash lights came on, and the tach died. I had to hit the gas to keep the engine running, while sitting at a stop light.

So, I turned around in the parking lot and pointed The Green Torpedo towards Casman's Automotive 20 blocks away. It's 95* or something, and I had to shut off the A/C to keep it moving, but we made it.

The guy is so nice...My battery "pancaked" he said (died), and he's charging it up and checking the alternator for me. My DH works for a company that builds starters and alternators, so I can get one for free, and Chuck The Mechanic said he'd install it for free if that was a problem.

SO, they drove me home, and I'm back in my house with nothing to do but blog this.

Hopefully the Spawn of Satan car will start working again soon. Nothing like spending $1,400 on repairs last week and having it in worse shape than it was before!

I AM getting a laugh out of this though. I feel like everything I touch right now is falling apart, and I just feel like yelling at the gods and saying "I BET YOU THINK YOU'RE REALLY FUNNY!!!!"

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Katherine said...

My "Green Torpedo" was named a "Blue Potato" because it really looked like a blue potato. That car got me where I needed to go, but not without some nervousness on my part. There were times I thought I wouldn't make it to my destination because it was about to die. But somehow, most of the time anyway, we made it. I really miss that car!


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