Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Communion

I spent the better part of my childhood inside a church, and the better part of my adult life outside, and today my husband and I belong to a Lutheran church where we enjoy being part of a great community of people.

This morning, Brian and I went to our early service with my Mom. I made it until the prayers were said, and there, at the top of the list, was a prayer for "Julie & Brian M., at the death of their son Jacob."

Of course I started to cry, and I cried through the prayers, the peace, the Communion, and the final hymn.

When I went up for Communion, I ended up on the side of the aisle where Pastor B. was giving the bread, and my crying set off her tears as well.

Then, at the end of the service, Anne, a gal I've known only casually, came over and gave me the tightest hug that just went on forever. "We know what you're going through," she said. "We lost a little girl the same as you." Oh, I was so sorry to hear that. We hugged and cried together for several minutes.

As we headed out the door, another couple came up. They're a favorite of mine, and as the Jim saw Brian crying, he started crying too. His wife Linda told us they lost a baby at full term 26 years ago.

Oh, how the most amazing people come to share their sorrows and let you know you're not alone. It just meant the world to us to have such support, prayers and tears for us and with us.


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Robin said...

It's amazing.....nobody ever talks about these things, but as soon as it happens to someone else, people seem to come out of the woodwork just when you needed them the most. I'm glad you have some poeple who have BTDT who can help you through this. It's great that it can be at church---for some reason that seemed to be the place where I cried the most....


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