Sunday, October 09, 2005

Welcome to Colorado

Snowstorm's A Comin' Posted by Picasa

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees. I went to a friend's outdoor wedding reception near Castle Rock, nestled west of there in the hills, and wore open-toed shoes, and found myself wishing I'd at least worn a skirt, if not shorts, instead of my black pants, that Absorb The Sun.

Today it's cooler. I think we might have hit 50 degrees today. By midnight it will snow. They're expecting 4-11 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.

It's one of those weather places that makes you pay attention. If the temperature drops 30 degrees in 30 minutes and the mountains disappear, you'd better have a parka with you, 'cause a storms a-comin'.

I don't tire of watching the weather here, and believe me, it's like the ocean -- you don't turn your back on it. I've been on a mountain top in August when it was 94 down in Denver, only to see snow flurries fly. I've seen it sunshine and snow at the same time, creating a rainbow augmented by crystals falling out of the sky as the sun refracts light through the snow flakes. I've heard thunder and seen lightning at the same time it's snowed, and impressive "thundersnow" storm I didn't even know was possible.

Ah, Colorado. I do love it here.


Sheri said...

Please keep the snow out your way for as long as you can! When it starts here... it doesn't seem to stop til April. waaaahaaaa but I do love autumn!

I loved your Paris/London post. It must be so nice to be able to plan all those places to go next. Your so lucky Jules!

Sheri said...

meant to add that it seems your getting the spammers. You ought to activate your word verification feature to stop them. blech - spammers

Melody said...

I hate snow but you make it sound so beautiful you almost have me wishing for a snowstorm...almost!

Lauren said...

Did you get the 20" I saw on the news today??? I thought OUR weather was crazy... but HOLY CANOLI!


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