Sunday, October 30, 2005

Weird Dreams

I dream often, usually vivid weird dreams like my cat talking to me in a human voice, or of flying, or more often -- driving on a road trip through strange lands -- which has to mean something about my need for adventure.

But last night, I must thank my friend Lauren for this...I had a dream that I went back to my house in Seattle that I shared with my ex-husband. He had kept the house (in the dream, not reality), his 3rd wife had left him, and he was looking for another, since despite three failed marriages, apparently hope springs eternal.

Anyway, I went back to my house, and found it decorated and re-decorated in a very Martha Stewartesque fashion. Other people were at the house, some who didn't know him, and kept commenting on what a great decorator he was. Finally I just said out loud..."There is NO WAY he did this on his own."

I asked about the neighbors to find out who lived nearby if they were still around, and I walked about the house, which (for a dream) was remarkably similar to real world save the decorated aspect.

When I got to the closet, I realized that MY STUFF was in the closet, and he said he had kept it because I had never taken it. Weird. In reality -- I took my clothes, shoes, sewing stuff, and very little else, but even in this dream I don't remember leaving THAT much stuff behind. So the rest of the dream involved me telling him that I was taking that stuff now, thanks, and that no, he wasn't going to make me wife #4. We parted nicely, which was a first, both in reality and in REM sleep, as every goodbye whether it was the big one or the casual run-in in Seattle was always barbed with some nasty parting shot from him.

Yeah, not much of a dream, but as I thought about it -- I realized that I often "work stuff out" in my dreams, and I know I had my ex on my mind yesterday as I was talking to Lauren about her current situation with Mr. Small. It just has a way of bringing that stuff up, and that's ok. I always figure -- better to dream stuff like that than to live it all over again.


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Lauren said...

You have my sincerest apologies! What kind of friend induces dreams of the ex? It's simply inexcusable! LOL



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