Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Did You Know???

The Eiffel Tower at Night Posted by Picasa

I have a cousin who is insisting that my Mom and Aunt join him on a vacation to Maui.

While they're paying for their flight and most of the hotel bill, he is insisting they upgrade their hotel so they stay on the beach.

When my Mom told me how much they were spending to get to Maui and for their hotel, I said "Isn't it amazing? People will spend $2000 per person to go to Hawaii, but they don't realize for the same or even LESS money, they could be in PARIS?"

Mom said "yes, I can't believe it either. We spent less money in Paris than we did in New York, including hotel and food."

The only difference was a few hundred dollars more for the airfare.

Dontcha know? You don't need $5,000 to go to Europe?

Most people don't know. So I'm here to tell ya. ;)

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