Saturday, April 30, 2005

Well, I Guess I'm Glad She's Not Dead...

I was glad they found that woman from Georgia alive and well, but really folks. What is the deal with people sometimes?

My freshman year in college at the University of Washington, a girl from my class
disappeared out of the blue. The whole campus seemed to be out looking for her, and the TV crews had a field day with what could have happened to beautiful sorority girl Desiree.

A ticket agent at SeaTac came forward and called police, letting them know that she sold a ticket to Hawaii to a girl who fit that description. Nearly 2 weeks after she went missing, Desiree was found on Maui, sunning herself and apparently oblivious to the manhunt.

Her reason for running and not telling anyone? She was overwhelmed by the college
experience and wanted to get away from it all.

First of all, I understand wanting to get away from the stresses of living, and Lord knows, Maui is a great alternative to reality. Likewise with the recent news of Jennifer Wilbanks, the bride-to-be from Georgia -- I can understand all the stresses of wedding planning and being afraid to get married in front of 600 people.

But really. I would never put my family through something so terrifying as to go missing, leaving my husband to answer questions about the state of our relationship, and have everyone I know out looking for me and falling under possible suspicion of my disappearance. Especially after what happened to Lori Hacking and Laci Peterson in recent years.

I know it’s not a new thing to disappear without a trace and turn up somewhere else. I also know it’s not a new thing to disappear and find out later that your loved one’s body turns up in a ditch or a city dump, killed by a spouse or a random nutcase.

I can’t help but wonder if Ms. Wilbanks will end up marrying her fiance', or if he'll call it off since her actions show her true personality -- one that runs instead of deals with the stresses and strains of life by communicating her needs.

And why on earth did she run to Albuquerque? At the very least, if I ever run away, you can start looking for me in Bermuda.


Tammy said...

I was about to post about this same thing! But you did much better... Her fiance took two lie detector tests for heavens' sake, a possible suspect. I just don't understand it. You are so shows her true colors.

Gina in N'Awlins said...

I hope HE runs like his HAIR IS ON FIRE


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