Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Day With The Amish

A Quilting Day Posted by Hello

I quilt. A lot.

The quilt that my kitty is sitting on is one I made for my sister for her 40th birthday. Slowly, I have made a quilt for every member of my family. It’s my turn to make another one for me. I needed some inspiration, so today I went to the Denver Art Museum, because I heard they were having an Amish Quilt Exhibition.

That, and being unemployed, I had the whole afternoon in the quilt exhibition, and a little time out to see the rest of the museum.

I have made many Amish inspired quilts -- the tumbling blocks, the ocean waves, just to name a couple. I was surprised at how many of them I’d already made. But then there was the level of detail and stitching that I’ve never done, and the darker monotone colors, where I usually prefer prints -- the brighter the better.

The Amish Quilt collection was stunning. I felt like I was looking at paintings on the walls instead of blankets -- some with pieces so small I peered closer for a look to make sure they were really THAT small.

I love quilting, and more specifically, I love giving them away. It’s one of the few gifts that is unique to me -- one that I can share with my friends and family that I know will be appreciated. Whenever I get panicked that I’m too practical and not artistic enough I just go look at my 2,000-piece hand-quilted double wedding ring quilt. Then I get over it. At least I know I’m crazy enough to make that quilt -- once anyway.

I can hardly wait to pick out the next pattern for my quilt.

Check out www.equiltblocks.com for free patterns of quilts, along with different color variations of classic and new patterns. Then decide to make one, even if it’s just a single block.

I dare you.

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