Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Puppies and Kids

My dog Lucy and I were walking down Tennyson Street near the post office, where there is a cool new techie/art school for kids.

We came upon the school where a long line of little kids (about kindergarten age) were heading back into school from their play yard.

Sure enough, as the little kids saw her I heard the teacher say "leave the dog alone, guys". Well, we made it past the whole line of kids except one little guy, and Lucy just whined (she loves kids). I heard the teacher say "aaawww", so I stopped and let the kid pet her.

Well, this little guy had his arms around her neck in no time, and my dog was licking his face, and the little guy closed is eyes and just grinned. A few other kids came up and petted her, but the little guy at the back of the line held on and beamed this beautiful smile as Lucy licked his face some more.

For a moment there I saw pure happiness, both for my dog and for the little boy who I imagine wants a puppy like that at home. I sure hope he has one, but if he doesn't I know he at least got to play with a dog at school today.

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Sheri said...

Great post Jules - you and Lucy sure made that boy's day. My daughter lives and breathes for our dog, Chloe. DD calls the dog her sister and talks to her as such. The love between a child and a pet is one of the great pleasure to see in life.


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