Thursday, April 07, 2005

Jack The Kitten Smells Freedom

Jack The Kitten Smells Freedom Posted by Hello

Jack's our new kitten. He's getting bigger these days -- at 7 months he's long and lean, but still looks kittenish.

Jack talks. Jack lets you know what he wants. He sat at the door commenting on my progress as I was working at replacing a couple of broken plexiglass panes in the screen door. These panes are only 3 1/2 inches wide, and when I got back from the glass shop ordering the replacements, it didn't take 10 minutes for Jack to figure out his skinny little kittenness could escape. I heard a shudder as he squeezed through the door, turned around, and saw Jack sniffing around the front yard.

Jack would like to be an outdoor cat - but we live in the city, so I just can't let him run loose, or his life expectancy drops sharply. And he's so cute and cool, who wouldn't want him to live the longest possible life? But the little squirt just begs to be let out. Of course he's less than thrilled with me on that one issue.

Just call me The Warden.


Sheri said...

Jack is cute! What an escape artist! Once a cat tastes the outside....they sometimes keep trying to get out. Our caller dweller cat Lucy HATES to go out. He HANGS of the screens trying to get back in.

Tammy said...

I just love your animal posts... Jack sounds so sweet (and ornery!!!!)


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