Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Because I Have a LITTLE Decorum...

I won't include a picture of Nora in the activity that we started this week...

She's decided that since "Elmo does" (she's seen the Potty Time video enough times I can sing the song myself as well)...and "Boo does" (Boo is the little girl character on Monster's Inc., who Sully at on point takes to the potty) well, Miss Nora is ready to too.

We went to Target and picked out some training pants, so she had the choice between Dora and some princess stuff (I bristle)...and she picks "Woody & Buzz!" Thank God. I can handle Toy Story and any sequel they throw at me.

Woody & Buzz unders it is.

So we go to the potty once an hour for now. Just sit there, read a book, then she's learning how to get the TP off the roll, where to put it and to get down, flush, pull her unders up, and go wash hands.

Yesterday, even though we haven't actually gotten any peeing happening in the toilet itself, she put her face right down to the small opening of the tot-butt-sized hole of the training seat and yelled "Bye bye pee pee!"

And so it begins.

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