Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1111 Posts!

I almost quit blogging a while back, only because of a lack of time and the effort required to edit pictures, come up with something to say, and of course, do it.
But I enjoy blogging. I enjoy my report each week that says all of seven people came to see my blog in any given day.
Boy are all you seven going to be surprised when you come back and see how many posts I've made! This is the benefit of all that free time I have when I'm not in school and *only* have a small child to watch.
This past week we went to the Skagit Valley, then to Eastern Oregon where I saw some old family friends and attended the memorial for Beth.

Here I am, mid-April, and having a hard time knowing what to do with all this time on my hands. I'd love to paint, or do some yardwork outside, but the weather hasn't been good for that. I'm hoping Nora will get into helping me paint...I'm already putting old clothes aside for her so we can wear "disposable" clothing.
As for Miss Nora, she's over 40 inches tall now. I haven't weighed her lately, but she's in the neighborhood of 30 lbs., so she's still a tall drink of water and thin but healthy and active!
She eats a lot -- When I was at my brother's house he was surprised at how much I put on her plate...while she's not a neatnik about her food (she prefers finger food and drops a lot), she still manages to get quite a bit in, and is getting better at it.

And the talking...She says a few full sentences, and informs you of things like "Monkeys eat bananas!" as if I am the first person she's letting in on a big secret. "Bunnies eat carrots!" is another favorite whenever she sees a bunny or a carrot.
She jumps and dances and sings at the top of her lungs. She loves "Chitty Bang Bang" and pretty much any musical. She loves Shrek and...well, free time is gone. She just came and asked to watch Elmo's "Potty Time" -- another thing we're working on!

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