Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Kroc!

This past weekend, we enjoyed the new Kroc Community Center here in town, and we loved it so much, Nora and I went back today!

I asked her if she'd like to go to the Kids Club, or...
and she finished my sentence with "Swimming pool!"

The Kroc center was recently built by the Salvationi Army with a grant from the Ray & Joan Kroc Foundation, which gives communities who need it, a great new center, and the funds to help run it (with some input from the community).

They have swimming in TWO pools (one "competitive" and one "leisure"), workout rooms, babysitting, a climbing rock wall, tons of services and activities for kids, lessons for sports of all kinds, you name it.

Stuff like this just makes my liberal bones tingle...GET people in the door, keep them off the streets...give some meaning to their lives.
Our Kroc center opened last fall, but I haven't had time to check it out, so this last weekend, Brian and I took Nora to swim in the "leisure pool" which is built with kids in mind, from a small kid's water slide, lots of little waterfalls and other fun things to play with and on...NONE of these pictures can possibly give it all justice.
So tThis afternoon, we arrived at the Kroc Center, then got changed in the locker rooms with the spacious family-sized changing rooms (with private showers for afterwards!)

Nora stood at the door to the pool and said "Open! Open! Open!"

We swam for nearly 2 hours, and she swam for so long tonight that she asked for "night night" at 7:15 tonight!

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