Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Egg HUNT!

We went to our friend Patti's house this afternoon so we could do a kids' Easter Egg Hunt.

Initially I wondered how Nora would "compete" against a lot of 5-year-old boys and girls, a few younger than that, but not many...As most of us remember, Easter egg hunts are generally over in a nanosecond and the spoils go to the biggest and fastest...

Nora had so much fun today, it was amazing, and instead of a blazing race, my friend Patti hatched the most egalitarian Easter egg hunt in the history of Easter egg huts, by making 10 eggs for each kid who came, and putting their initials on them.
That way, Nora's eggs were waiting for her long after the 5-year-olds blazed by, AND she was totally clueless that it was anything like a race, so she stopped to play on the trampoline, and enjoyed every minute of just playing in the back yard in the rain!

There was a little candy, a few little toys, and a lot of fun playing with other kids upstairs.

PLUS some quality time playing with a Woody & Buzz dolls that Jamie brought with him and fortunately allowed Nora to play with a lot this afternoon!

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