Monday, January 05, 2009


It's funny to me how for YEARS, Jill and I didn't think we looked at all alike.

I've been scanning and saving some old favorite pictures, and posting some of them on Facebook. Brian's been doing the same with some of his photos.

It's funny to look back at old pictures. Brian at some point bought a bunch of picture albums and loaded the couple-hundred he owns into them, and voila. Done.

I, on the other hand, own about 10,000 pictures, which are largely unorganized. I've started a system of putting them into envelopes marked with different half-decades, since my life has largely gone in five-year increments as we moved home from Brazil when I was almost 5, we lived in Oregon for five years, then another 6 or so in Washington before going to college. My marriage even lasted 5 years.

So I can't quite bring myself to catalog my life into books yet, so I'm doing some of it digitally by scanning some favorite/awful photos.

This one of my sister Jill and me is a favorite. Mostly because I used to think we look NOTHING alike, and now I think that aside from the 20-30 lb. difference between us these days (she's the lightweight), we do look basically like twins.

Well, except she's older. We have to keep reminding her of that, since she tans better than I do and got the other grandma's thin ankles.

I did get the dark hair that doesn't start graying at 30 though. So that's good.

Love ya sissy! Thanks for not killing me as a child...I know you and Jeff thought about it more than once...

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