Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Girl Circuit

When Nora saw the Lion on this sweater yesterday, she gasped, then ROARED!

One of the best things about having little ones, and having friends, is having clothes magically show up in the mail so we don't have to buy much if anything.

My friends Delois and Tammy have both been great resources of clothes, and now that Delois is expecting another girl, I'll get to send things back to her (via her sister who also has a daughter between Nora and Delois' baby due this June).

Our friend Tammy from Alberta sent Nora some clothes to grow into. Her daughter Bug is growing out of her 4's, so we got a bunch of stuff from her in Nora's NEXT size: 3! Can you believe it? I still struggle with it, and I'm here every day...

Oma sent Nora some 7th Generation diapers, made of recycled materials...and Nora this time not only unpacked the box, but continues to pull a package of the diapers out of her closet and carry them around the house, like she has some business with it!

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