Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brian's Day At The Zoo With Nora

While I went to my lab and studied most of the day today, Brian had the day off and he took Nora to the zoo!

Brian said she couldn't take her eyes off of them for the LONGEST time!

Nora's been working on learning animal noises, and she knows how an elephant when she saw a REAL elephant, she spent half of her time at the zoo with the pachyderms, talking with them and imitating them.

The weather was cool and cloudy for a good part of their trip, but the zoo has lots of indoor enclosures scattered throughout the zoo, where cold-blooded animals like crocs need warm air, so they hung out with them for lunch, and saw some of the fish and starfish in the tank.

Did you know starfish aren't starfish anymore? They are now "sea stars".

That's right. There's even a politically correct name for the star-shaped creatures that Really Aren't Fish.

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