Friday, January 30, 2009

Our First Princess!

My niece Hannah is a junior in high school, and due to some work being done on her high school's football field/track, they didn't have a traditional Cadillac/Prom Dress/Drive the princesses around the football field kinda Homecoming.

Instead, between the girls' and boys' basketball games, they had a coronation of Homecoming princesses and princes.

The brilliance of this, is that three of the six princesses are ON the team, so they got to go directly from the court (That's Hannah front and center in the court picture: To cleaning up just enough (and throwing tiaras on) to being crowned to the Homecoming Court.

It was neat to stay after and take some pictures of her with her friends Bree and Amanda (her teammates and fellow princesses)...

And of course one with her escort, Prince Tyler, who I'm pretty sure would have laid a big ol' kiss on Hannah if he could have gotten away with it...or did he when I wasn't looking?

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