Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday's Treat

I don't know if I've mentioned Saint John much.

John is our Nurse Practitioner at the OB/GYN clinic where we go for the baby stuff. He was very nice and helped us with lots of ultrasounds when Jacob was with us, and John was just crushed when he heard about our loss, since once we found Jacob's problems, we ended up moving up the medical food chain to a Perinatologist instead of John or any of his regular OBs John works for.

John's been such a saint to us -- when I called and told him of this pregnancy, he was instantly upbeat. I told him I was scared and he said "Of course you are. But the there's still only one way to have a baby of your own" (well, there are other ways, but it sure can get complicated, right?).

So John's seen us a few times, and has offered to let us see an ultrasound whenever we want, to put our minds at ease.

The last time we saw our little one was April 6, so by this past week I was getting a little edgy. It's hard to explain how my brain works (isn't it always?) but I'm able to think everything is pretty much fine for about 2 weeks, and then I start to worry.

So Thursday, we went in and saw our baby again.

It's nothing short of a miracle how much growth goes into a baby at these early stages. Our little one has bones forming (you can see them because they're whiter than his/her other outlines), we saw arms, legs, fingers & toes. At one point, Saint John said "We got a thumbsucker!" and sure enough, there was our baby, sucking on his/her thumb, which at this point must be about the size of a pepper seed.
Then we saw it was rubbing his eyes, and moving a lot the whole time.


I'll tell you, if you have a crappy doctor or nurse -- keep looking. There's nothing like having someone care enough about you to say "call me if you need anything, here's MY direct line" and assure you that you can get the medical care you need when you need it to put your mind at ease. Anyone else, especially in pregnancy, is a waste of your time and money.

Thankfully, we have our Saint John.

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Anonymous said...

You're right Jules -- it is a treat. And a miracle. Isn't it crazy how early a heart forms and begins beating? Unbelievable!

Lots of women don't enjoy being pregnant, but I was never one of them. I loved it.

Don't bother posting my comment; I just wanted to say hi, check in, and see how it's going. Cable news tells me you had a big hail/rain storm there today... hope your spring plants didn't get the sh*t knocked out of them like what happened to us here a few years ago...



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