Friday, April 27, 2007

My Last Day At Work

I was taken to lunch by some managers from work today after a few hours of work.

Lunch was fairly fun even though I went with three guilt-ridden managers and another gal getting laid off...and one of them seriously said "I'm trying to look on the bright side of all this" like three times (til I finally said "I'm so glad YOU can look on the bright side of this, B.") but I said it with a GREAT deal of dripping sarcasm/humor.

I came back and found my checks were ready for my severance and last paycheck, etc., and I decided I was done. I sent a few e-mails out to customers to let them know I was leaving, asked my boss if I could go, and I said my goodbyes and left around 3-3:30. I got a lot of hugs and people asking me to keep them updated about the baby (I told them about Pumpkin this past week).

One of my customers (Ron from a big liquor store here in town) was so mad he called me and told me he "reemed" one of the managers about letting me go. He asked who his boss was, and ended up asking for the VP's phone number (the one who I want to work for), so I told this customer to "ease up on the VP" since I'm trying to get a job as this VP's assistant. LOL Ron called me later and said "I talked to your boy Greg" and I asked how it went, and he said "Good!" So I don't know what that means.

As for the job -- I sent an e-mail to the VP & the Director who were supposed to get back to me today and thanked them for the enjoyable interview, and that I could tell they were stuck in a meeting, but I needed to leave for the day and asked them to call me at home with their decision since today is my last day. I haven't heard from them today, but then I didn't expect to. Every newspaper moves slower than Congress.

I went to the bank, went home, and just napped a bit til Brian got home. We just got back from a very nice dinner at our favorite cheap eats Middle Eastern place down by DU. He's been working his second job a lot, and Friday nights are nice because he doesn't have to work at UPS so we can see each other and sleep in the same bed all night and act like we're married.

I wore one of the maternity shirts my friend Deb H sent me with my drawstring capris out to dinner...amazing how much MORE pregnant you look when you bite the bullet and wear the maternity wear! HA

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