Sunday, April 15, 2007

Off My Butt (Today).

Wow, I hit the end of my 12th week of pregnancy today, and this morning I actually woke up with some energy.

Exhaustion is part of that first trimester package that comes with nausea and oddball food cravings, because when you think about it, in a matter of 84 days, this kid has gone from two cells to 2 inches tall, with all his/her organs in place, limbs formed and a heartbeat going crazy...and it all came from me. Well, except that one part.

But the birds & the bees is not what this is about.

So, I've been tired. So very tired that I've needed a nap after a nap. But today was different. I finally hit that magical day when energy returns, and while the nausea hasn't subsided, at least I can get a few things done.

So much for a restful Sunday.

Today, I've done a million loads of laundry (one of those days when you decide to wash ALL your blankets AND your clothes), helped Brian clean the house (he's been handling way too much of it lately), then went to lunch with a friend (who I haven't seen since New Year's, shame on me).

THEN I drove to the store and bought Brian some badly needed socks (he'll wear them til there are holes in the holes). So, I know his brand and I buy them for him because I know he never will.

AFTER THAT Lucy and I went for a walk at the park, (because there's nothing like seeing a dog's face when she realizes the leash is coming out and she gets to GO!). Besides, it must be 75* outside today, and there is absolutely no excuse for sitting around on a day like today.

Somewhere in there, I figured out our budget to get a real feel for how much money we'll need to scrape by (if I land on unemployment for any stretch of time).

Just making a couple of lists and talking them over with Brian helped me a lot. It may have scared the shit out of him, (but at least we're on the same page).

NOW, I want a nap!

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