Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Pot Roast Recipe

I bought a pot roast yesterday, not knowing how to cook it. It's 7 degrees outside today, so the thought of a Sunday dinner with Mom's pot roast was irresistable.

My problem was that I couldn't remember anything except water and onion soup, and thinking that I couldn't let it run out of water because Mom would always send one of us home from church early to make sure the roast still had water in it.

So, today I called Mom and said:

"Mom, I want you to think back. WAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyy back."

"Uh oh," Mom said.

"No, this is easy. Remember when you used to cook?"


"Not really. That was a long time ago."

I told her about the pot roast plan. She said she remembered the pot roast recipe as I recall it is right on, and made a few extra suggestions to braise the meat before going in, and to put some carrots and potatoes in. She was a little sketchy about how much time in the oven, but hey, at least I got the basics.

I love my Mom. She's funny, and I love it that I have her around to call for the recipe of my childhood comfort food, even if it's for a laugh and a half-baked recipe plan.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at your quilting slideshow. Your work is beautiful. I'm kinda awestruck. I'm glad it brings you so much peace and joy. ~michelle of

Concetta said...

Funny thing...I called my mom yesterday for her Chicken and Dumpling recipe to make this Sunday night! Something about the freezing cold...

tims mom said...

two words for you and your next pot roast:

OVEN BAGS! I love them....(and they have recipes inside the box too!!)



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