Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Perfect Sunday

I woke up to more...yes MORE..snow falling in the Mile High City...I actually rolled my eyes when I saw it. We have at least a foot of old snow laying around, snowshovels and our backs are beaten up enough from the past 4 weeks of snow, and here's the fifth snowstorm (or is it the 6th? I've lost count).

BUT, this isn't a whiner post.

I worked on my quilt a lot. I made a short clip of the work I've done showing the patterns I drew, and the resulting block (see below). I got all 9 blocks made and drove 2 miles in the snow -- uphill bothways, HA! -- to the fabric store to buy the stuffing for my quilt and a few extra pieces of material so I can finish the top.

Since fleece material was on sale, and it looks like another 6 months of winter, I bought some of that too. It's time to hunker down and wear fleece for the duration, I say.

But the best part of the day was coming home and just sewing, watching football in between. Sorry for the Saints, but the COLTS! What a comeback! You've got me through the SuperBowl!

Then around 5:30 as it got dark the snow started again. It was warm for snow -- 21 degrees is warm to me after the sub-freezing, even sub-zero temperatures this past couple of weeks -- and Lucy and I headed to the lake for a walk. She was positively THRILLED to get out of the house. We walked around the frozen lake, which is completely frozen except for a small patch with a very sorry looking batch of ducks still swimming in it for their little lives. Note to self: Next time we take some old bread to the lake and try and feed those little guys.

Lucy bounded all over the place. I learned a new trick with her. She comes running at me when I call her, and at full speed she comes right at me, and I bent over and threw snow right in her face. If I could hear a dog giggle, I think I would have. She ran around in a big wide circle and came back for more.

It was slick as snot out, so it was a one-trip-around-the-lake walk this time. When we approached the baseball field, just barely lit, I went back to my snowglobe existence, enjoying the walk, my dog running in circles, then headed home.

With dinner and my husband Brian home, me tired from a long walk and a good day of football and my favorite hobby -- I'd say I had a Perfect Sunday.

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