Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Reason To Love Colorado

I have to say, in between snowstorms (we had one last Friday and apparently are getting a brutal hit this Thursday with subzero temperatures and more snow), I love reading my newspaper, I love reading the stuff that comes out of Colorado politician's mouths.

Bill Ritter, our new state governor, and a Democrat, recently took office and has been filling his cabinet with lots of people with oodles of experience that he doesn't really have.

So, the comments about who he's choosing?

Let's start with former Gov. Dick Lamm, who was quoted in today's Rocky Mountain News: "Appointing people is like eating mushrooms out of your backyard. You really don't know how it turns out until you've done it."

OK, that's funny. And true, I suspect, although I've never been elected governor, nor one to eat mushrooms of any kind, in the wild or in the more tame areas of the north side of my house where they spring up now and then.

Ritter did choose a Republican to head Public Safety, but Peter Weir is from Golden, so I doubt he leans too far to the right, but then you can't find a Republican from Boulder at all, so I guess he must be at least a drop in the diversity bucket of Ritter's team.

But the other funny quote was about Human Services appointee Karen Beye, who Lt. Gov. Jane Norton said "She's very good, very customer-oriented, a real pro. But don't make this too glowing, she's a Democrat, dammit."

You know how I hate it when people mince words. C'mon guys, tell us how you really feel.

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