Saturday, April 01, 2006

Taco Del Mar is Here! Taco Del Mar is Here!

Oh Man, am I HAPPY.

There was this little taco place, called Taco Del Mar, that made the best fish burritos, and it was right across the street and up a block from my work at The Seattle Times.

That first store on Harrison Street expanded to be in every neighborhood in Seattle during the early 1990s, and by the time I moved to Yakima, it was already moving across the state. Now, whenever I've gone home in recent years, it's hard to miss a Taco Del Mar and its famous fish logo "Carlos" down in Portland and surrounding areas as well.

Well, here I sat in Colorado. Waiting & hoping for the day TDM would come to me. I even thought I'd bring it here myself and looked at their franchising information to see how I could open a store in Denver.

But, I'm a media type, not a open-your-own-restaurant type, so I thought I could wait it out.

Yesterday in the final hours of work, the receptionist said "Taco Del Mar?" and my head winged around so fast I almost got dizzy.

Our receptionist Gary goes through copies of the upcoming paper and saves them all in some sort of order...turns out he just saw an ad with coupons for TDM, and had never heard of it before, so he just said it out loud.

I was so happy I think my co-workers wondered (some more, perhaps) about my mental health.

But I know I'm healthy, ish...and last night Brian drove me up to 98th & Grant in Thornton, and we had our first burritos at TDM in Colorado.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks Carlos.

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