Friday, April 14, 2006

I guess this is a good test to see what readers we have!

Yes, that's our baby in there!

Surprised? You should have seen ME 6 weeks ago when we found out.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and we've seen the heartbeat 4 times now. Yesterday, we got to see him/her MOVE -- arms, legs, even his head bobbed up and down a couple of times.

It's a miracle, that's for sure.

Many but not all my friends know -- most of them don't read my blog anyway, so I figure they can wait a couple more weeks until I'm past that 12-week window. In the meantime here it is for the blogosphere.

I have a pregnancy blog -- but it's far too neurotic to share with most of the world, and I keep it mostly to myself. After three miscarriages, you could probably fathom why I'd be nervous about this pregnancy. Yet, here I am shy of 12 weeks, and I feel like I need to put it here. It's just too big of a part of my life not to put on my regular blog.

The Kid is nicknamed "Bruiser" because I'm doing 2 shots a day into my tummy of Heparin to keep my blood thinned out. The bruising that has resulted is pretty amazing, so hence the name.

So, here's Bruiser folks. If you find this blog, you have a right to know. :)


Cal said...

YEAH!!!! Only two weeks to go to reach that trimester milestone. I'm so happy for you.

Oh, and thank goodness it's out- now I can talk!

Teri said...

Bruiser's debut!!! Sooo very happy for you. I've never had a reason to look forward to Thursdays!! I'll tell him about it some day.

Kristen said...

Jules is out!!! :-) YEAH!!!!!

Sheri said...

It's great to come out huh? Tell the world & Bruiser deserve it!

MissHelen said...

whoooohoooo!!! congrats!!!!


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