Friday, April 21, 2006

The Sloppiest But Happiest Sound Recording I've Ever Made!

this is an audio post - click to play

This is a recording I made of my heartbeat on the Doppler (the slow one that comes first), then it quickly speeds up and you can hear Bruiser's heartbeat!


Well, at least I HOPE you can hear it enough to enjoy!


Concetta said...

That is the most amazing, wonderful sound! Thank you for sharing that with us! I am sooo happy for you!!!!

Timestep said...

Are you kidding - it brought tears to my eyes. I love it. Even the girls came running to hear.

I'm so thrilled.

Sheri said...

ok - I'm bawling here. I love it!!!!

Kristen said...

that was just the coolest thing EVER!!!! I love it Jules!!!~!!!!!! YEAH!

Miracles & Dreams said...

You are right, it is the best sound. As I was listening I got tears and Orion giggled he is happy for you too.

michele said...

I listened to it TWICE, hehe! That was amazing. I love it.

Lisa said...

So sweet. I remember listening to the monitor everyday with my first cause otherwise I never wold have believed it. But I didnt believe it even when I was looking down at her in my arms. She is two now and I still cant believe I have a baby. Now with number 2 coming I still listen maybe once a week but that monitor really gives me peace of mind! I bought mine since I knew I would rent it again with the second and it would cost more in the long run!


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